Reducing the Festive Weight Gain

It is easy to put on a few extra pounds during the winter months, especially at Christmas. It is dark and cold outside and there are all those tempting goodies around. During winter comfort food is appealing, casseroles, pies and puddings. Christmas brings extra temptations - mince pies, chocolates, cheese boards and mulled wine. It is all very well thinking that a bit of extra weight gain is inevitable and that it will drop off in the New Year. Unfortunately, research has shown that many people do not lose the weight they put on over the holidays it just accumulates year after year.

So how do you prevent yourself from adding lots of extra weight over Christmas?

weight gain christmasThere are a few things you can do to that will help you to avoid a huge weight gain over Christmas when going out and while at home.

At parties or eating out

Don’t go hungry. If you are going to be eating late make sure you don’t go hungry. Eat soup or something light earlier in the day. This way, especially if you have had a couple of drinks before, you won’t wolf down far more than you intended.

The worst offenders for fattening foods are buffets. The best course of action if you really don’t want to pig out on buffet food, is to make sure you have already eaten. If you want to participate only eat bits of fruit and vegetables. If you are going to eat the buffet beware of pastries, dips, cheese and processed meats.

It’s not just the food

Watch out for the calories in alcohol. Creamy liquors and cocktails soon add up as does sherry and port. Dilute your drink if you can, stick to small glasses of wine then drink a soft drink or water in between each alcoholic drink. Also, if you drink a lot you are more likely to eat more. There is nothing quite like a sausage roll or two to wash down that third sherry!

Soft drinks count too. If you are drinking soft drinks be careful about drinking too many sugary drinks the calories in these also add up quickly.

Know your limits. If you are seduced by sweet things and cannot stop at just the one don’t have any at all. If you are having a sweet make sure you are careful with the portion control. Watch out for sauces. Cream, brandy butter, white sauce and ice cream can increase the calories in your pudding very quickly.

At Home

christmas weight gainDon’t buy too much food and treats. If you go to the supermarket around Christmas, you can see trolleys piled high with food and drink. Much of which will go to waste or on your waist! Make sure you only buy what you need. The shops are only shut for a day you can always go out and get anything you really need later. Or find you do not really need it after all. Saving you money as well as extra time down the gym.

Avoid snacking. Most snacks are high calories and low in nutrition. If you must snack, eat high quality foods, seafood is low on calories as long as it is not served in a rich sauce. Small amounts of meat or cheese are fine if you don’t have too much. Crisps are another way to consume lots of fat. Share a small bag with someone instead of eating a large bad yourself. Or better still, don’t buy any at all.

Watch out when you are cooking. You don’t need to constantly taste the food or lick out the bowl! And don’t feel that you have to eat all the leftovers. If you have a lot of food left over use it the next day or give it to the birds. Don’t eat just for the sake of it.

Make sure you limit any excess eating to a few days over Christmas rather than on the run up to Christmas and over the New Year. Don’t worry if you eat too much on one day. This isn’t an excuse to pig out for the rest of the month. You can still watch what you eat the rest of the time.

Lastly, make sure you take some exercise. It is easy to sit down in front of the TV when the weather is windy and cold. But this is the worst thing you can do. Wrap up well and get outside. This way you will burn off a few of those calories and stay fitter.

Most of all, make sure you have fun and relax.

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