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Treating Social Anxiety Disorder with Hypnotherapy

What is social anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder (used to be known as social phobia) is a fear of social situations and meeting people. If you suffer from this, then parties are definitely a no-go. But just as easily it could be that you are worried going to the shops or meeting a friend for lunch.

social anxiety hypnosisSocial anxiety should not to be confused with being shy or introvert. Shyness can lead to social anxiety, in some instances, but isn’t necessarily debilitation and does not have to be a problem. With social anxiety, you know you have a problem but do not know how to deal with it.

People with social anxiety phobia are afraid that they are being watched and judged by others. They feel like everyone is watching them waiting for waiting for them to mess up or make a fool of themselves.

Symptoms of social anxiety can include any of the following:

  • Sweating
  • Blushing
  • Stuttering
  • Trying too hard to please others
  • Twitches
  • Nausea

How it can affect you

This phobia can manifest itself in different ways depending on a person’s own particular fears. They can include:

  • Walking down the street
  • Standing in a queue
  • Eating out or in front of other people
  • Meetings
  • Using public toilets
  • Fear of being the centre of attention

Social phobia varies depending on the sufferer – some suffer with some mild anxiety while others have full blown panic attacks. It can be limited to one situation or can cover a broad range of issues and circumstances.

Like any other type of anxiety, social phobias are a Self-fulfilling prophecy. A particular occasion, say a party, something happens and we feel panicky when we are there and have to leave. Then the next time we are invited to a party we feel anxious in case that feeling happens again. So we choose not to go. Then we become anxious every time we are invited to another party so refuse invites. Alternatively, we go to another party and because we are so worked up about having a panic attack as soon as we leave the house to go to the party we have an anxiety attack. The result is the same, we stop going to parties.

social anxiety disorder clevedonSuffering from social anxiety can severely limit your social life, making it hard to form friendships and romantic attachments. It can also hinder your working life, limiting career opportunities or preventing you from studying.

People with social anxiety often have very low esteem, have a negative self-image and lack confidence.

Social anxiety often leads to withdrawal of social contact or avoiding certain scenarios and can lead to other problems such as depression.

How Clevedon Hypnosis can help

Hypnosis can be a powerful and effective cure for all types of anxiety (see my page on Fears and Phobias for more information). Therefore, hypnotherapy is very good at treating social anxieties.*

Hypnotherapy works by helping you to override your fears by talking directly to your subconscious to separate the anxiety response from the experience or action that causes it.

You may not be aware of what prompted your phobia. It is quite likely that it was a combination of things that led to the problem. As hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind you do not need to know the reason for your fears and so can still be helped.

Everyone is different most social anxiety clients need between 4 and 6 sessions to help them conquer their anxiety. Sessions include teaching the client self-hypnosis and you will receive recordings to help reinforce what you have learnt in between sessions.

If you live in or around the Clevedon, Somerset area and would like help with social anxiety disorder please phone me on 0770 235 2363 for an informal chat and for more information on how hypnotherapy can help you.

I will get back to you as soon as possible within the next 24 hours.

*Disclaimer.  Results cannot be guaranteed as this is a therapy and each person is unique. All I can promise is that I will do my best to help you.

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