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Are you happy with your life? 

If not hypnosis may be the solution you are looking for.

Whether you want to improve your emotional state, change a destructive behaviour or build the resources and motivation to become more purposeful in your life, I can help you will have you moving forward to be your best self.

Happy woman after hypnoterapy

If you had the opportunity to change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Most of us have things we would like to change about ourselves and things we would like to do differently.

If you do want to make a change to your life, with the right help problems can be solved and changes achieved.

Some of the changes we want to make will have a huge impact on our lives.  Whether you want to take control of a phobia, change destructive behaviour, stop smoking for good or deal with anxiety which is preventing you from achieving your goals and reaching your full potential.

When this happens other, more subtle differences can happen. You may see your confidence increase as you successfully manage to lose weight and keep it off or finally overcome a fear of speaking in public.

Most Common Hypnotherapy Treatments

Here are the treatments that are most commonly requested. Click on the button for more information. Hypnotherapy can help with a myriad of issues, so if yours is not listed please get in touch for a chat and I will see how I can help.

Anxiety and Stress

Are you feeling anxious? Can’t think straight, heart pounding or feeling nauseous at the thought of leaving the house?

menopause treatment with hypnotherapy

Menopause Help

Don’t let menopause symptoms control your life. Learn how to thrive instead of just surviving.

Pain management with hypnotherapy

Negative Thinking

Tame your inner critic and silence that negative voice in your head.

confidence building with hypnotherapy

Confidence Building

Do you feel low self-esteem is holding you back? Think you are capable of so much more if only you felt more confident?

tired person in need of hypnotherapy


Are you tired of endless sleepless nights? Would you love to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead?

anger management with hypnotherapy

Panic Attacks

Heart racing, sweating and can’t catch your breath? Don’t worry not going to die. It is only a panic attack.  

anger management with hypnotherapy in clevedon

Anger Management

Don’t let anger rule your life. Is your temper driving those closest to you away or making your life difficult?

smoker in need of hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking or Vaping

Do you want to stop smoking or vaping for good? We all know how bad it is for us, so make that break for good now.

relaxation with hypnotherapy

Creating Better Habits

Why is it so hard to break bad habits yet so much more difficult to keep up with good ones?


I’m Judith Stafford and I am passionate about helping people who are stuck in negative cycles of behaviour feel better about themselves.

Why me, how can I help? I am a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist with many years of experience helping people like you who want to change something in their life.

My Story

I was a smoker for many years of my life. After many failed attempts to stop I tried hypnotherapy. Since then, not only have I not had a cigarette, but I have no desire to smoke at all.

Since qualifying as a hypnotherapist, I have helped many people with issues such as panic attacks and anxiety, changing habits, low self-esteem and insomnia as well as stopping smoking.

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Find Your Way

Why Hypnotherapy?

When most people think of hypnosis, they think about stage hypnotists getting unwary audience members to cluck like chickens or a TV villain hypnotising someone to do their bidding. This is not how clinical hypnotherapy works.

It is a safe, effective and drug-free therapy that works with your subconscious to change your behaviour. You will always have complete control over your actions. The hypnotherapist will not be able to make you do anything you do not want to do.

Hypnotherapy can treat a wide range of symptoms, including stress, depression, chronic pain and addiction. It is relatively quick, usually taking less than 6 sessions.

As well as being a useful tool for treating a number of ailments, hypnosis can be a very enjoyable, relaxing experience. 

Take The Opportunity

What to Expect

After a quick chat to ensure hypnosis is the proper treatment for you, we will arrange an initial consultation to assess your needs and determine how best to treat you. Then we will discuss your desired outcome for your treatment. This session will also include a general hypnotherapy session so you know what to expect next time.

As we are all unique, I will create a bespoke therapy plan tailored to your needs. This usually takes around 4 sessions, although occasionally more is required. (Except for stopping smoking which tends to take only 2 sessions.)

As everyone is different, the following sessions will depend on your individual needs. But overall, we will aim to identify and deal with the cause of your symptoms. Treatment may include NLP or CBT exercises to help you make small steps towards your goals. I will then guide you into a trance where we will work to change the way you think and react to certain situations.

What People Say….

I will be eternally grateful to Judith for utterly erasing my addiction.

My own attempts had been serious efforts, first I quit smoking for a year, then a few months, then a week, then a month, so many times I stopped and started again. Then after years of failed attempts to quit smoking Judith cured me totally through hypnotherapy I had always had that incessant craving niggling in my mind but now I can’t even imagine my hand with a cigarette in it now.

Lorraine C

 I would highly recommend Judith and absolutely consider using her again.

After the death of my father in April I found myself needing some help although I didn’t want to take medication.  Judith made me feel relaxed and at ease. It was lovely to just be able to talk to someone outside of my situation. I can’t recommend Judith’s services enough, I will never get over losing my Dad but Judith has given me some great techniques to help me deal with my anxiety and keep perspective.

Stacy B

Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to be able to get on with my life.

For months I found it difficult to leave the house. When I did I felt nauseous and was afraid I would throw up in the street.  It really did feel like life would never be the same again. But the hypnotherapy sessions were a soothing and positive experience for me and along with the exercises Judith gave me to help have changed my life. I can highly recommend her to anyone needing help with anxiety or low self-esteem.

Lauren M

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the questions I get asked most often. If you want to know something not on this list please get in touch. 

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of altered awareness often described as a trance state, which in some ways it is. When you are under hypnosis your therapist can make contact with your unconscious mind to make changes in your life. When someone is under hypnosis they are not asleep, as often thought, they are very much alert but focused.  Hypnosis is a natural state – similar to daydreaming or when you are engrossed in a really good book you are in a trance. For a more detailed account of, ‘What is Hypnosis’, click here to read my blog post.

What if I can't be hypnotised?

Only a rare minority cannot go into any trance state at all and they usually fail because they do not want to be hypnotised. The depth of the trance differs from person to person. The majority can go into at least a light trance state which is all you need to be able to benefit from hypnotherapy. Also the more often they are hypnotised the easier it becomes as they know what to expect.

What does hypnosis feel like?

As hypnosis is a natural state you will find that you have already been in a trance state before, watching TV or driving to work on autopilot. The hypnotic state is similar to mediation only you are guided by your therapist who makes positive suggestions to your subconscious designed to help with a specific issue or problem.

For many people, time goes much more slowly and they are surprised to find that they have been under for the time they have. Most people find being hypnotised a very pleasant experience and wake up feeling energised and refreshed.

Is hypnotherapy safe, will I give up control?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe; it is a deep state of relaxation where you are open to suggestions. Unlike many Hollywood depictions, you cannot be forced to do something you wouldn’t normally do. Hypnotists do not operate a kind of mind control you can come out of the trance state whenever you like.  

Stage hypnotists choose volunteers who are easily hypnotised, sometimes before the show! They also select people who like being in the spotlight and are happy to play a part and go along with suggestions.

Does it work?

Hypnosis does work but it is not a miracle cure – the client needs to want to make a change. If you go to see a hypnotherapist, for example, to stop smoking because your partner wants you to it is unlikely to work.  You have to want to achieve your goal, in which case, it is worth using hypnosis as an aid.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing if hypnosis will work for you or not until you try it. Even then it may work for some issues but not others depending on how determined you are to succeed.

What can hypnosis treat?

Hypnosis can treat a great number of problems both physical and psychological. What it can’t treat though are serious psychological problems such as drug addiction or clinical depression or any mental health problems.  It has been successfully used to treat, pain control, and promote relaxation, IBS, anxiety, and phobias it can also help people stop smoking or lose weight.

What happens during a session?

Each session will be different depending on the person and what is being treated. The therapist will ask about your goals and an explanation of how hypnosis works so you know what to expect. Then ask a set of questions related to personal, lifestyle and health to ensure that hypnosis is the best way to treat you.

Hypnosis sessions usually consist of an induction from which they will lead you into a deep state of relaxation. From here the ‘change work’ is carried out to help you achieve your goals. After this, you are brought out of the trance into wakefulness. Your hypnotist will then ask if you have any questions and you will discuss your next session.

How many sessions will I need?

It all depends on your circumstances. Some sessions, such as stopping smoking, only need one or two intensive sessions, others, like weight loss will take more sessions as the results are achieved more slowly and the client needs longer-term support. You will discuss this with your therapist when you meet.

Is it like stage hypnosis?

Clinical hypnosis and stage hypnosis are completely different. A stage hypnotist is working with an audience and is there to entertain. In contrast, clinical hypnotherapy is used to help people with their problems. It is usually done on a one-to-one basis and anytime the client wants to come out of hypnosis they can. You will not be made to do something you do not want to do so there is no need to worry about leaving the session clucking like a chicken or having divulged your darkest secrets!

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